NEVER underestimate the magic of a coat of paint!

So, you’ve seen where we started.

The house was just stark white and sterile!

I chose a color palette that remind my husband and I of our respective childhood homes (he is from Jamaica, and I am from Hawaii).

home color palette

This color palette makes me want Shaved Ice and Musubi! Lol!

I had a coupon for buy one get one free at Sherwin WIlliams so I took advantage of that and I was able to find my palette colors in the HGTV HOME Coastal Cool Collection.

I  ended up choosing:





So when you see it on the wall in future project you know what it is and where to get it!

They also have a really nice line of wallpapers in this collection HOWEVER…. The wonderful and thoughtful builders decided to give me an awful wall-acne (or what I call wacne) that they call “Knockdown Texture”…. Lol! It is EVERYWHERE but in my Kitchen and Bathrooms. So skim-coating over it to hang wallpaper is simply out of the question. But I do have a solution and it is called WALL STENCILING…. Awwwww Shucky now!


Next time at!


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