Work gathers, and now my blog begins….

You see, I would have started this blog LAST February when we actually closed on our beautiful newly constructed two-story brick traditional home here in the Hampton Roads Area of Virginia, but what had happened was… Lol! Okay! You got me! There is no valid reason why we hadn’t. But late is better than never right? We have been so caught up with work, kids, and school that the last thing we had on our minds was starting the blog.

Napolitano Homes Culpepper Model 5 Bed/4 Bath
Napolitano Homes- Culpepper Model
5 Bed/4 Bath

When we purchased our home in February of 2014, we were it’s FIRST owners. It was already 80% completed when we saw it so we did not get to make all of the selections and change the floor plan like we wanted to, but we saw that the home had good bones. It had ZERO character. ZERO personality. ZERO style. What the home does have is nearly 4000 square feet of potential, and a half acre of yard. We moved in with big dreams and a tight budget.

When I say the home had ZERO everything, I mean ZERO! Builder’s grade bullcrap!

Formal Dining Room
Formal Dining Room

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