OKAY, so I know I have like a TON of super excited Preggers and new mommies on my Facebook Timeline and I am sure you do too (it was a long,cold winter… Lol)! So I just know y’all are gonna get a kick outta this DIY project I just finished (well sort of finished- I’m never satisfied)… I saw a lot of people selling Crib/Bed Canopies on ETSY for $75+ and they also require YOU to provide all the material, plus shipping and only God knows when you will actually receive your canopy…. Umm naw! It doesn’t even have to go down like that. I’m not knocking nobodies hustle but this project only costs you about $30 in materials and about 45 minutes of your time…. If you wanna learn how to DIY for your little prince or princess’ nursery/bedroom, keep on reading!

Step 1: Procure Your Materials

– I purchased my unfinished plywood at Michael’s for $3.99-$4.99 (you choose the size, the process won’t change).

– Wood Glue

– Nails

– Hammer

– Quilt Batting

– Fabric

– Sheer Curtains

– Decorative Materials

– Staple Gun

-Corner Brackets (optional)

– Eyelet Screws

-Incredible Hooks (or any similar drywall hook product)

 Step 2: Constructing Your Base

Take your plywood and match up the sides evenly. Apply Wood Glue and allow to dry overnight. Once it is dry nail the pieces together, and if you desire more stability install corner brackets.

Step 1

Step 3: Attach Batting

Measure, cut and affix batting to plywood using staple gun…. (Remove baby first! Lol!)

Step 2

Step 4: Attach Desired Fabric

In the manner in which you attached the batting, attach the fabric. I used some fabric I had leftover from my nursery ottoman project.

*Make sure it is smooooooth and that the pattern is where you want it to be!


Step 5: Decorate it


Step 6: Attach Curtains

Some people like to install a mini curtain rod back there, but I didn’t because I didn’t want to add any more weight to the unit.I chose to Staple the curtains on. I pleated and stapled two sets of shears to the inside. I also like knowing that if it is tugged on for some reason that its not going anywhere.

Step 7: Adding Your Mounting Hardware

I used Eyelet Screws as a hanging method. I used the longest screw I could find… But then again, I like to be thorough and know that its not going anywhere. I affixed two of these screws on the top left and right corners of the plywood (yes, drive them straight through the fabric and batting) as close to the edge as I could safely get.

Eyelet Screws
Eyelet Screws

I then used drywall hooks which made installation super easy! I love Hercules Hooks! They only make a tiny hole in my wall and hold up to 35lbs! Shout out to the late and great Billy Mays!!!


Then Boom….. You’re All Done!!! Simple, cheap and completely customizable!



Yep! I Painted Upholstery (and mayhaps you should too!)

Little Castle Glider Makeover!

After nearly two years of looking at this awful green gingham patterned Little Castle Glider I have finally done something about it! Reupholstering this piece was just not an option for me. I am not so good with a sewing machine and the cost to have it done professionally is sky high in my area. If this is a method that you would like to try you should ensure that it is a piece that you don’t really care about or would otherwise get rid of…


Paint ( I had a gallon of Valspar Signature in Blush Pink left over from another project)

Paint Brush 

2-4 (8 oz.) Bottles of Fabric/Textile Medium (Michael’s and Joann Fabric carry it)


Measuring Cup

Spray Bottle (full of water)

Mixing Container

Soft Wax


Important Note: You may want to keep all the haters and naysayers out of the room you’re working in on this project because its gonna look a lot worse before it looks better! Lol!

Step 1: Make your paint mixture using a ratio of

1 part paint : 1 part fabric medium : 2 parts water 

Step 2: Mix very well

Step 3: Dampen your upholstery with water from your spray bottle so that the paint will be absorbed and not just roll off.

Step 4: Start painting and after you have completed the first coat, STOP! Let it dry.

Step 5: Sand it down and sand it smooth. Your arm may fall off…. Lol! Okay, it won’t but it will feel like it!

Step 6: Apply second coat, and repeat step 6 and 7 as needed for optimum coverage (it took me 3 coats!).


Step 7: Seal with a soft wax (Optional)

IMG_2518I love the way the Glider turned out!

I really love the way this project came out! The texture has not changed very much. It feels like outdoor furniture or a supple leather. I think after some wear and casual use it will get better and better. For more projects and methods checkout

It contains a wealth of knowledge on painting upholstery.

This makeover cost me $35 and it was worth every penny!

I made some pillows with the some scrap fabric I had laying around from the ottoman project. I may add some pink ruffles on the bottom of the ottoman and glam it up a little more. You know I never know when to say when! Haha!

Nursery reveal coming soon!

Thanks for reading!

What are your thoughts? Would you ever give this method a try?

NEVER underestimate the magic of a coat of paint!

So, you’ve seen where we started.

The house was just stark white and sterile!

I chose a color palette that remind my husband and I of our respective childhood homes (he is from Jamaica, and I am from Hawaii).

home color palette

This color palette makes me want Shaved Ice and Musubi! Lol!

I had a coupon for buy one get one free at Sherwin WIlliams so I took advantage of that and I was able to find my palette colors in the HGTV HOME Coastal Cool Collection.

I  ended up choosing:





So when you see it on the wall in future project you know what it is and where to get it!

They also have a really nice line of wallpapers in this collection HOWEVER…. The wonderful and thoughtful builders decided to give me an awful wall-acne (or what I call wacne) that they call “Knockdown Texture”…. Lol! It is EVERYWHERE but in my Kitchen and Bathrooms. So skim-coating over it to hang wallpaper is simply out of the question. But I do have a solution and it is called WALL STENCILING…. Awwwww Shucky now!


Next time at!

Work gathers, and now my blog begins….

You see, I would have started this blog LAST February when we actually closed on our beautiful newly constructed two-story brick traditional home here in the Hampton Roads Area of Virginia, but what had happened was… Lol! Okay! You got me! There is no valid reason why we hadn’t. But late is better than never right? We have been so caught up with work, kids, and school that the last thing we had on our minds was starting the blog.

Napolitano Homes Culpepper Model 5 Bed/4 Bath
Napolitano Homes- Culpepper Model
5 Bed/4 Bath

When we purchased our home in February of 2014, we were it’s FIRST owners. It was already 80% completed when we saw it so we did not get to make all of the selections and change the floor plan like we wanted to, but we saw that the home had good bones. It had ZERO character. ZERO personality. ZERO style. What the home does have is nearly 4000 square feet of potential, and a half acre of yard. We moved in with big dreams and a tight budget.

When I say the home had ZERO everything, I mean ZERO! Builder’s grade bullcrap!

Formal Dining Room
Formal Dining Room